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Become a Entrepreneur makes it ridiculously easy to start your own business connecting your community online.

With our support team, proven recurring revenue model, and platform, you'll be set up for success.

The business opportunity you've been dreaming of is here!

With a small investment and minimal overhead, you can own a lucrative, turnkey business in your hometown that allows you to support local businesses and strengthen your economy. No need to be a computer guru, just a desire to be a leader in your community and a passion for success. City Managers collect subscription fees for mobile websites, apps, online exposure and tools for selling online and driving buyers into businesses.

The City Manager program provides exclusive territory, a powerful Shop[City].com domain name, full training, marketing templates, and support, including back office staff to help you build your market and serve your customers. Billing, account management, and tech support are all provided.'s extensive portfolio of more than 8,000 premium domain names ensures that businesses and consumers will remember the shop local message and take action online.

What started in a small town in Ontario, Canada with is now available across the US, Canada and around the world using prime URLs such as, and

These domain names provide cities small and large with a direct way to connect the online and offline worlds through's all-in-one online marketing platform for local businesses. developed its City Manager program to empower local entrepreneurs with the opportunity to buy the rights to their community domain and leverage their local relationships and presence to build a great local brand.

More than 65,000 businesses in hundreds of communities are already experiencing the power of the platform, and City Managers such as Rick Kloss at are generating six-figure incomes while doing work that supports their local economies.

Spreading the Shop Local Message

Marketing of the local brand is done using window stickers, signs, billboards, vehicle wraps, event sponsorships, radio and partnerships with local business organizations and nonprofits.

Each community receives a Facebook page and builds a large and engaged online following; there's no shortage of great content when you're promoting local businesses!

City Managers regularly receive branded content to publish, and the marketing team sends out frequent email newsletters to businesses and consumers to drive usage.

Driving Local Results

The platform rewards businesses for posting to the news feed with homepage exposure in much the same way Facebook does. This minimizes the effort required to get the participation that leads to critical mass.

The flood of information being published leads to exposure through Google, which ranks's products and services highly in their results.

Because search engines need high-quality local content to satisfy user searches, and the platform provides it, a steady stream of valuable traffic is generated by the businesses owners themselves as they participate.

Matching this content with inbound links from trusted local authorities that rank well for searches containing the community name creates the potential for online magic.

By coming together to build a rich local resource that is frequently updated and trusted by the community, businesses can create a platform that is more effective at getting their content seen by qualified shoppers than their own website and Facebook.

Mobile Magic

With almost everyone carrying a smartphone these days, it's important that local business content is accessible on mobile devices. sites and apps help shoppers find information they want, when they want it and where they want it.

Whether it's through Google mobile or the URL (which they're reminded to visit by a sign or sticker everywhere they turn), or on a convenient and engaging mobile app, the area's #1 local business database is at local shoppers' fingertips everywhere they go.

Tools for Local Business Success

The platform is like a Swiss Army Knife for local online marketing. It includes all of the tools a business needs to succeed, all in one place:

  • Mobile responsive websites
  • Shopping carts
  • Email marketing
  • Social media posting and scheduling
  • Organic search engine placement
  • Photos & videos
  • Events
  • Reviews
  • Gift certificates
  • Press releases to local media

What You'll Offer

There are three main ways that businesses participate:

Free profiles: every business gets a profile page and can post to the news feed. These profiles are somewhat limited and don't offer website links or rich functionality.

Self-serve packages: for between $30 and $150 per month, businesses receive enhanced exposure throughout the site at the top of directory categories and on the site homepage. They also receive access to a suite of tools that enables them to sell online, send email newsletters, publish press releases, schedule social media updates and more.

Managed packages: for between $200 and $400 per month, businesses receive the top level self-serve package as well as a dedicated account manager who assists them in coordinating and publishing content and promotions online.

Because the platform connects to many different channels, businesses can publish once to reach Facebook, Twitter, email subscribers, online searchers, visitors to their website and consumers.

This connectivity saves time and ensures that all of a business' channels are in sync and ready to provide consumers with the information they want while frequent updates are social signals that build trust.

The Local Lifestyle's City Managers get to be at the center of the action, connecting the people in their community and becoming the #1 local business advocate in their community.

For many people, it's a dream job:

  • No set hours
  • No commuting
  • No monotonous daily grind
  • Control your calendar
  • Work close to home
  • Network with prominent local business owners
  • Recurring revenue to reinvest in the community
  • Media appearances and special event access
  • Grand openings

Network Success

In May of 2015, announced the current City Manager opportunity with 25 existing markets in operation:

  • 20 corporate markets
  • 5 City Manager markets

The Ideal City Manager

The opportunity is best suited for entrepreneurs who are friendly, outgoing, passionate about their community and its businesses.  They should be comfortable selling, marketing and using technology to drive revenue and build a local brand.

The most successful City Managers are ambitious and believe that technology has the power to transform businesses. They also understand the value of the shop local movement: support for local independent businesses, long-term relationships, and strong community economies.


"My husband and I purchased just under a year ago.  At the time, we had been looking at several investment opportunities and decided to take a closer look at ShopCity.   It became clear to us very early on that this company was going in the right direction and had a philosophy that resonated with us.   We decided to join the ShopCity team and haven't looked back!

We have been able to run from our home office, without any additional staff.  The expenses are few, and we started making money much sooner than we had anticipated! We see nothing but more success in the future, both for and"

TJ & Lindsay Papp

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Meet Our City Managers

Here's what some of our city managers have to say...

"It's exciting to offer our local businesses such a powerful, yet easy-to-use marketing tool at such an affordable price point."

- Dee and Taija

"I have the freedom to run my own business, control my destiny and consistently grow my revenue with"

- Lynn Martin

"We run from home with minimal expenses and started making money much sooner than we expected!"

- Lindsay and TJ

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