About Us is a joint US/Canadian company with offices in Midland, Ontario and Berkeley, California. was founded by Colin Pape to help local businesses leverage the internet to compete against online retailers like and other global chains.

The model is based on the site developed for Colin's hometown of Midland. It was working so well that Colin decided to start helping other communities run interactive shop local campaigns and began developing a platform to make it possible.

Fast forward a few years until 2007, when Colin and our co-founder, Jim Terry, met at a conference in California. Jim had been busy building out his own platform and securing ShopCity domain names for communities all over the US, including metropolises like and as well as smaller communities like

After a couple of years figuring out the details, Jim and Colin partnered up in 2009 and created a joint company running the platform that powered

Since then, we've been busy fine-tuning the model, making it scalable and finding great local partners to help us launch other communities so we can test our ideas in the real world.

The product of all of this hard work is what we call the City Manager Program.

The City Manager Program enables passionate entrepreneurs to own the rights for the platform in their community and bring our tools and model to local businesses and consumers.

We have a great team behind us, and an ambitious vision that we'll be sharing in more detail throughout 2018.

If you're interested in learning more about us, please browse the rest of the site, check us out on Facebook and Twitter, or contact us using the form below.

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