The Importance of Local

'Local' has become a bit of a buzzword the past few years, and for good reason.

In a world focused on globalization since the 1950s, often to the detriment of our environment, our economy and our personal freedom, local is empowering.

How many times have you checked the global news (CNN/CBC/BBC FB?) only to learn about yet another war? Yet another bailout? Yet another crisis?

After a while, don't you start feeling powerless? Depressed? Overwhelmed?

It's hard not to feel that way when the problems are so massive... So urgent... Yet... So distant... So unactionable...

But how much time and attention are you giving to overwhelming and depressing global issues you have no control over?

Why should you feel powerless when you could be taking action in your own backyard, making a difference, today?

Imagine if everyone did as Paul McCartney's famous 'think globally, act locally' quote recommended...

What if millions of people put the energy they're currently wasting, worrying about global issues beyond their control, and instead started 'being the change' in their home communities?

We believe that we'd end up creating the global change we're all after a lot quicker and more sustainably this way, because our solutions would come from the ground up, instead of the top down.

By fixing our towns and cities individually, we could collectively create a more prosperous, sustainable and enjoyable world.

A local-first world is one of connection, of community and of collaboration.

Because local businesses 'grow up' in the area, they are more connected to the community than corporate chain stores, and more likely to contribute to local non-profits, sports teams and other initiatives.

And unfortunately, that's where there's a disconnect.

Although most consumers state that supporting local is important to them, they are voting with their wallets, and their votes tell a different story.

Big box stores, chains and online sites like Amazon now account for a huge and growing share of the potential spending within our communities.

These corporate giants have made it so easy to support them, do so much marketing to stay top of mind, and take advantage of every loophole, data point and resource available, that people are shopping more and more with big businesses.

This has created a disconnect between what people truly value, and where they spend their money.

This negative feedback cycle makes it harder for local businesses to participate and support the community because they lack the revenue necessary to pay for the projects they wish to fund.

Instead this revenue is being syphoned out of the community, inadvertently, with the assistance of local shoppers.

If those leaks could be plugged, more revenue would flow throughout the community and stay local, kicked off by the thriving local businesses in the area.

It's our mission to help turn the tide towards strong local economies and more prosperous local businesses and downtown shopping areas.

We've spent more than a decade figuring out how to actually make this happen.

Two important keys to success that we've found:

  1. Install constant reminders to 'support local' throughout the community.
  2. Provide shoppers with an online destination containing comprehensive local information.

This helps people remember to look locally first, increasing the chances that they find what they need locally, and provides an experience that is as convenient as possible.

It's amazing how much people will act locally if you make it easy for them.

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